Aapex Trailers

Aapex Trailers

Aapex Trailers, a subsidiary of Midwest Trailer Repair, is in the business of constructing specialized moving vans. The company’s primary goals are to build an innovative and extended life trailer which rates as the finest on the market. Only the best materials and components are used, starting from the Michelin tires on the ground to the diode lights on the top. At Aapex, higher quality materials are always selected over cheaper substitutes because each year of additional life saves you between $4500.00 to $5500.00.
The trailers are built with universal parts, meaning that parts can be purchased at any parts warehouse in the country. A damaged trailer can then be fixed immediately, saving the cost of bobtailing drivers. We believe the most expensive trailer is the one that is side-lined, awaiting repairs.

The company has a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. At Aapex we build a long-standing trailer and we stand behind what we build.

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