United Brokerage Co.

United Brokerage Co.

Company Philosophy:

United Brokerage Company is a regional distributor of packaging materials, moving supplies, self storage (ready for retail packaging products) as well as industrial packaging. We consider ourselves to be an extension of our customer’s organizations. Over the years, we have become a valued supplier to many companies within the Southeastern United States.

At United Brokerage we strive to help our customers improve the quality of their work, because we believe that if we can improve the service or product that our customers provide, then their success will be our success. It is this company’s job to help each of our customers to leave the status quo behind and to find a way to give their customers a real increase in value. Our philosophy is to enter into partnerships with every company that we service.

Company History:

United Brokerage was founded in 1960 as the Fred Yarborough Company. In 1970, the company changed its name to United Brokerage, as it is known today. In early 1980, John L. Murray, Jr. purchased United Brokerage and took over the day-to-day operations. Prior to 1980 the company had been selling to Moving and Storage companies primarily in military communities, and to industry within the Georgia market.

Over the next nine years John Murray directed the company through a steady growth. The company began concentrating on the civilian household goods movers as well as those in the military communities. In 1990, John Murray retired to become Chairman of the Board, and turned over the daily operations to his son, Grey B. Murray

The company continued along the same growth path that John Murray had started on, and today, United Brokerage is considered to be a reputable quality supplier of packaging materials throughout the Southeastern United States.

In late 2004, Dan Garvey joined our company as an equal partner for a North Carolina branch. In January 2005, we purchased Glasgow-Bridges Packaging in Charlotte. This acquisition has expanded our service area to include North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and the Northeastern United States.

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