Relocation Mover Services Inc. / RMS

Relocation Mover Services Inc. / RMS

Nationwide Third Party Moving Services

With over fifty years of experience in the moving industry and decades dedicated to origin and destination residential detailing, RMS is one of the nation’s leading third party service providers. Whether your move is around the corner or across the continent, no service is too large and no detail too small!

From appliance service and custom crating, to furniture, fitness equipment and technology assembly or a complete household setup with cleaning and closet organization — every project is tracked and monitored by our customer service coordinators from inception to completion. We know from experience that every project and circumstance is unique and that every move faces its own starts, stops and last-minute changes. So to assure seamless service performance every step of the way, RMS utilizes advanced computerized tracking systems. And — unique within the industry — does not activate customer service voicemail during normal business hours. Last minute detours, details and project changes are not compounded by “phonetag”, they are tended to immediately by our staff of veteran service coordinators. We understand that successful communications are the key to a successful relocation, no matter how large or small, nor how near or far. The end result…happy relocation transferees with the absolute minimum of household disruption!

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