Rand McNally

Rand McNally


Rand McNally has been transforming commercial and personal travel with revolutionary mobility technology. Leveraging its fast-growing telematics and fleet management expertise, along with its award-winning commercial navigation, Rand McNally provides innovative solutions for drivers, shippers, carriers, logistics, and supply chain customers.

Rand McNally’s mission is to deliver innovative products and services that drive efficiency, safety, and connectivity. The company’s businesses connect a “world on the go” in three key segments: Commercial Transportation, including Fleet Management and Logistics; Connected Vehicle, including consumer electronics for trucks, cars and other vehicles; and Publishing/Education.

Since 1856, Rand McNally has created groundbreaking products that help people and business move from place to place. From developing the U.S. Highway number system in 1917 and launching the first Road Atlas in 1924 to today’s suite of connected vehicle products, Rand McNally enriches efficiency, safety and connectivity. Firsts in innovation include the first single box, in-cab mobile communication system for fleets; the award-winning, perpetual #1-selling in-vehicle navigation devices and driver-focused headsets; and the iconic and ever-loved #1-selling Road Atlas.

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