New Haven Moving Equipment- St. Louis

New Haven Moving Equipment- St. Louis

Founded in 1911, New Haven is a family-owned business that manufactures and distributes high quality Moving Equipment, Corrugated, Packaging and Cargo Control to the Moving & Transportation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Entertainment, Storage and Restoration Industries, as well as to Government Agencies, Universities, Libraries, Museums and Corporations. Our products are known in the industry for their reliability, innovative design, engineering excellence and quality components.

Our story began over a century ago with a horse drawn-wagon when our founder looked for ways to provide movers with effective and safer ways to move goods across America’s small towns and later across the nation. Please read our entire story below! In the years and decades that followed, New Haven’s engineers created the nation’s first machine-made furniture moving pad, the Dreadnought (now considered by many to be the industry’s most protective and finest made moving blanket) and later was the only U.S. company to utilize lasers and robotics in manufacturing moving pads. At the same time, we expanded our manufacturing and distribution to include a comprehensive and vast selection of high quality packaging, corrugated and equipment specifically engineered for the rigorous demands of professional movers and the many industries we serve.

What sets us apart however is not only our commitment to the quality and integrity of every one of our products, but also our dedication to you, our customer. It gives us the greatest pleasure to meet long term customers, now mentors in their fields, who share with us that it was New Haven’s support, decades ago, of their fledgling company, as well as the reliability of our products, that allowed them to gain the trust of their clients and grow and expand into the prosperous business they now have. And it gives us tremendous pleasure to work with all our customers each and every day, offering quality products that they can genuinely count on, and creating customized solutions for even the most complex moving or cargo control need. All of us at New Haven, our entire New Haven family, pride ourselves on the care that we give to our customers—from the friendliness and “we are here to help” attitude you can expect at any of our 18 coast-to-coast locations– to our commitment to offer you prompt (often next-day) delivery and fast turnaround at our distribution centers. We care about your time, and it shows. Many of our salespeople and managers were professional movers or a part of the industry for decades, and understand your needs, expectations, and concerns. Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding service, quality products, and economical pricing—so that you can succeed in your business and in all your endeavors.

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