M2Reeves Car Shipping

M2Reeves Car Shipping

At M2reeves car shipping we give you our rock-bottom best rate to move your car! Which is great if price is more important than time for you. In order to schedule your shipment at the rock bottom lowest price we need 1 to 10 days to pickup your vehicle and up to 14 days during the summer.

It is important to know that more commonly traveled routes will pickup faster and less commonly routes slower.

Beware of companies who promise faster pickup for the same price or less but who will not guarantee it in writing. If we cannot pickup your car within that time period you are charged nothing.

On the other hand if you need your vehicle moved faster we can do it with our express service which is $250 and guarantees pickup of your car within 72 hours or you get all $250 back.

The great part is your credit card is never charged nor is your check deposited until your car is loaded on the carrier!

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