Advanced Fueling Systems

Advanced Fueling Systems

Since 2006, we’ve been providing quality fueling systems & equipment.

Originally founded as Advanced Fuel Systems, we soon added mobile fuel trailers to our product line. These quickly became our best selling products, so we started Quality Fuel Trailers as a sister company. After a few years of selling other brands, we wanted to design and sell our own brand, and in 2009, TransFueler® was born.

We now had the freedom to incorporate the best features of several other systems, as well as features and design concepts we knew were valuable to our customers. A primary goal for us was (and is still) to have the broadest selection of mobile & stationary fueling systems available. Almost all of our competitors offer very limited choices. We knew that by offering multiple choices, we would be able to provide our customers with the best fit for their needs.

In several cases, we have developed our own proprietary technology to serve our customers. Our team developed, and has a patent pending on our TransFueler® M-Series modular fuel tank system. We also have a patent pending on our exclusive aviation fuel dispensing system. We continue to develop new concepts in fueling, as requested by our customers.

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