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New Haven is a family-owned company that manufactures and distributes products for the Moving & Storage, Transportation , Restoration, Commercial, Aeronautics, and Entertainment industries.

For over a century, New Haven has been particularly committed to Professional Movers. This is why we are careful to ensure that our warehouse locations, located coast-to-coast, are conveniently located and fully stocked; that our customer service teams serve our customers with a consistent level of dedication and passion; and that our salespeople have decades of experience and expertise in the moving field. Just as importantly, our products for Professional Movers, many of them earning best in class, can be counted on to be of the highest quality. and at wholesale prices--providing you with the greatest value in the marketplace. Our professional moving products include an extensive selection of durable, strong Corrugated, Specialty Cartons, Furniture Moving Pads, Packaging, two and four wheel Dollies & Hand Trucks, Cargo Control, E-Crates, Floor Protection, Piano Moving Equipment, Carts, and Ramps.

For over a century, we've understood the value of designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing only the finest, most innovative products that Professional Movers can trust.

Our Corrugated
Our extensive line of Corrugated Products is one of the best in the industry We use high quality liner board and materials so you can be assured superior, crush resistant cartons that will give you the strength and dependability you need. Our team of Corrugated engineers make sure that our customers receive corrugated that can be counted on, and in the most intensive situations. And our line of corrugated continues to grow alongside the needs of our customers. We manufacture and sell not only superior quality book cartons, dish packs, wardrobe boxes, medium, large and extra large cartons, Speed Packs (perfect for commercial moves); and mirror cartons but also Specialty Corrugated such as our multi-use Flat Screen TV Boxes (perfect for art), Wine Shippers, Sofa Boxes, Lamp Cartons, International Sized Boxes, extra large Tri-Wall Boxes, and more. When you send our boxes to your packing crew, they will notice the difference.

Our Cargo Control
New Haven is at the forefront in manufacturing technologically advanced, safe and dependable Cargo Control that has been trusted by the moving, military, aeronautics, aerospace, entertainment, and transportation industries for decades. From outfitting Spacecrafts or Moving Vans with Shoring Beams, Logistic Tracks, Strapping Assembles and Tie-Downs to our Slings, Netting, Buckles, and Ratchets.

We have years of experience manufacturing cargo control in the United States using only the highest quality components and precise designs in every size and for every purpose and need. If you need to speak with one of our Cargo Control engineers for support, advice or a special, customized order, call us at 800 421-8700.

Our Moving Equipment
New Haven is aware of the important role Moving Equipment plays in the success of a move, and how vital it is that your moving equipment be absolutely dependable and well-made. New Haven is therefore proud to manufacture and distribute only high quality Moving Equipment that professional movers can count on during their most arduous moves and conditions. From our comprehensive floor protection options (including Scuff Shields, Neoprene Runners, Ramboard and Masonite) ,to our superbly engineered selection of Hand Trucks, Appliance Trucks, Electrical HandTrucks/Stair Robots and Dollies, to our unmatched HIPAA approved E-CRATES, Library Carts, Machine Carts, Piano Boards,and Aluminum and Fiberglass Ramps. New Haven has equipment that will ensure that your Residential and Commercial Moves are optimally efficient, safe and successful.

What Sets New Haven Apart

What sets New Haven apart is twofold. First is our passion for product innovation and the development of high quality, durable and technologically well-engineered products with the goal of helping our customers achieve greater success in all areas as a result of our products. Second is our company-wide dedication to service to providing our customers at all times with outstanding customer support. We focus on your specific requirements, and work as a partner to help you find the ideal solutions that meet your targeted objectives. Our outstanding customer service can be experienced at any one of our fifteen (15) fully-stocked warehouses located coast-to-coast; in our website filled with helpful articles and how-to videos, or on our newly redesigned Webstore where you can order easily and in many cases receive your orders overnight.


41 Washington Street
East Haven, Connecticut 06512-0323
United States of America

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