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EWS Group was founded on a single question: How can a moving and storage business get accurate and real-time information that would help grow the business? Sounds simple enough but anyone familiar with the industry, its complexity and reams of paper knows it is a question easier asked than answered. In time, that answer came to be known as MoversSuite; the first genuine Microsoft ® Windows ® based move management software solution that has grown to be the leading enterprise software for the moving industry.


With a management team and professional staff having in excess of 150 years moving industry experience we continue to listen and identify the important business questions our present and future customers ask:
  • How can I grow my business without growing my overhead
  • How do I provide the information my employees need wherever they may be
  • How does my company get access to technology without having a large capital investment
We continue to work to find answers to these and other questions by harnessing all that present technology provides – either through increased functionality in our flagship products or creating new products designed to address the unique needs of the modern mover.
Today, EWS Group provides comprehensive business solutions for sales, customer service, operations and accounting through purchased and subscription based software, IT hosting services and professional consulting to both small and large moving companies located in the United States and Canada. As a Microsoft ® partner, we have been distinguished with membership in their President’s Club and have earned Silver status within their partner network.


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United States of America

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