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Moving and Storage Insurance

Let’s protect your drivers and your reputation.

Manage risk and protect your bottom line

It’s your business and every day you make decisions that impact your clients and your drivers. Nobody knows better than you that your success depends on your relationship with your drivers and your ability to constantly manage the unexpected.

But, accidents and injuries can sideline drivers, threaten your reputation, and impact your bottom line. To ensure you have the right insurance and risk management strategies in place to protect your drivers, clients and property, you need an advisor who understands your business.

When you work with HUB, we’ll advise you on how to confidently manage the unpredictable risks that are unique to your business. We’ll give you the tools and guidance you need to run your business more efficiently and safely – and win more jobs.

Moving and Storage insurance for your business, employees and independent contractors

Let’s reduce your work-related injuries and accident claims and ensure you have adequate moving and storage insurance coverage limits to protect your livelihood. We’ll help you address your current concerns and identify risks that you may not be aware of that could result in catastrophic losses.

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